Taylermade Equestrian Services


Taylermade Equestrian Services provides equestrian education, boarding and other equine services within convenient locations in Cave Creek, Arizona.   Clients enjoy the freedom and opportunity to participate in lessons, educational programs, and receive individual attention and professional training for their horse.

The sole purpose of Taylermade Equestrian Services is to provide riders with both long term or short term guidance and resources in order to fulfill their equestrian aspirations.  Taylermade Equestrian Services works with riders to ensure they get the most out of their riding experience by providing individual assessments, specific exercises, reading materials, resources to assist with stumbling blocks, and tools for becoming a more confident and self-reliant rider. 

For an example of video updates offered for short and long term training see the following:

OTTB Chance Jumping (6 month update)

OTTB Chance Dressage (6 month update)

OTTB Chance Cross Country (6 month update)

Shi’s Short Term Training Vacation (1 week)

Dutch WB Treasure Chest’s First Cross-Country

(3 month update)