Our purpose at Taylermade Equestrian Services is to provide riders with long and short term guidance and resources in order to fulfill their equestrian aspirations. TES works with riders to ensure they get the most out of their riding experience by providing individual assessments, specific exercises, reading materials, resources to assist with stumbling blocks, and tools for becoming a more confident and self-reliant rider.

Taylermade Equestrian Services also provides both short-term
and long-term training for green horses. Horses are exposed to a variety of training disciplines in order to increase ridability and
to find the horse’s individual career strengths. When horses and owners are in consistent under saddle and ground work training,
the likelihood of a permanent, happy, safe and successful future together is increased.

We specialize in training green horses, retraining thoroughbreds
off the track and developing hunter/jumper/dressage and combined training talent. With over 100-years of combined experience in training and caring for horses the Taylermade Equestrian Services team provides knowledgeable care for your horses while achieving specific equine goals.

Our focus is providing clear training plans to meet individual horse and rider needs. We have a history of producing successful results
in 1 to 6 months. Owners have the opportunity to learn how to train and handle their horses creating a win/win scenario for seller, horse and buyer.


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